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Blocked In Developer Releases Next VR Diorama Der Grosse Gottlieb

You may recall earlier in the year when VRFocus reported on Blocked In, a unique virtual reality (VR) experience that placed players inside a room, with giant Tetris-like blocks constantly falling outside a window. At the time developer Daniël Ernst had said that the experience was just one entry in a series named The Shoebox Diorama. This week sees the release of the next installment in that series, Der Grosse Gottlieb, which translates to ‘The Great God-Loving’.


Using an Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD), Der Grosse Gottlieb places users quite literally at the top of the world. As they stare down they’ll see snowy mountain peaks, clouds and the moon rising in the distance. They may also notice that they are in fact sitting upon a stack of thousands and thousands of chairs, with a table with a gramophone sitting next to them. Looking up will reveal a night sky twinkeling with stars.

A trailer for the experience can be seen below, showing the experience being display to different users in a park, sitting on top of a stack of chairs similar to what can be seen in the experience. Der Grosse Gottlieb can now be downloaded for free from its official site. The software shows the same type of creativity that featured in Ernst’s last work. The developer is still working on his third piece, The Pigeon Man. VRFocus will continue to follow his work, reporting back with any more updates.

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