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Ex-Call of Duty dev’s Reload Studios to Focus on VR Content

This week has seen the announcement of a new videogame development studio, named Reload Studios. Founded by James Chung and Taehoon Oh, the studio is comprised partly of former members of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, similar to Respawn Studios, which recently released Titanfall for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. While this new developer is set to work across a range of platforms, virtual reality (VR) is set to be a key focus for the group.


“When I first saw what the latest round of VR devices could do, I realized these were not just peripherals but brand new platforms that could transform the way we experience, interact with and create media,” said Chung. “It was the perfect time to follow my passion and bring together the most talented people I know under one roof to form a development culture that promotes creativity and collaboration.”

Oh added: “People are always looking for something new. Just as smartphones changed the way we live our lives, I am sure VR will change the way people experience media content. As a game developer, this realization compelled me to become part of a new team that focuses on developing VR content.”

The developer intends on releasing content across both mobile platforms and consoles, though it didn’t announce any specifics as to which it would be developing for first. That could mean it will create content for Android and iOS-based VR headsets as well as the likes of the Oculus Rift on PC and Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4. The team, which currently employs 12 people hopes to launch its first title in 2015.

VRFocus will continue to follow Reload Studios’ progress, reporting back with any more updates on its projects.

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