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Glowstick Games: Sony ‘very cooperative and outgoing.’

Though its first attempt at a Kickstarter campaign ended abruptly, Glowstick Games has pledged that development on its virtual reality (VR) compatible horror title Dark Deception will continue. While the videogame is coming to PC, Mac and Linux with support for the Oculus Rift VR headset, the developer is also planning a PlayStation 4 version with support for Sony Comptuer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus VR headset.


Speaking to VRFocus, CEO and co-founder Vince Living revealed that SCE had been ‘very cooperative and outgoing’ in organising a PlayStation 4 version of the title, though it could be ‘some time’ before we hear about this version.

“We are officially licensed by Sony,” Livings revealed in an interview that will be published later this week. “They have been very cooperative and outgoing. A PS4 version is in the works. We have spoken with Sony about Project Morpheus and we will be developing Dark Deception to be compatible with it. However, Morpheus is still under development and it may be some time before we have any real news to share about that.”

SCE has in the past said that indie developers will be key to the role Project Morpheus has to play on PlayStation 4. Since the headset’s reveal in March 2014 a range of indie developers such as Among the Sleep‘s Krillbite and Project CARS‘ Slightly Mad Studios have confirmed that they will be bringing their titles to PlayStation 4 with support for the device.

Dark Deception is described as a twisted take on Pac-Man. It is a first-person videogame in which players explore a vairety of different mazes, collecting crystals as they go. Players are pursued by disturbing enemies, each one being unique to its environment. A Wii U version of the title is also planned for release along with these VR-enabled versions. VRFocus will continue to follow Dark Deception‘s progress and report back with anymore updates.

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