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Guillermo del Toro Would ‘Wholeheartedly Support’ a Pacific Rim 2 Oculus Rift Videogame

Last week’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) played host to some inspiring new virtual reality (VR) experiences featuring a number of big movie and television franchises. Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was one such title to be featured as part of a unique VR production, and if the film creator had his way there’d be more yet to come.

Famously a fan of videogames, Guillermo del Toro had previously agreed a development, distribution and publishing deal with THQ prior to the label’s demise. While his title inSane may never see the light of day it’s not prevented Guillermo del Toro from addressing the videogame medium directly. Speaking to Gamerant about the Pacific Rim VR experience and another project featuring Crimson Peak at SDCC, Guillermo del Toro stated:

“I have not only tried it, but… The two attractions were designed under my supervision. This is my baby more, but the Oculus [Rift] was something that I saw from the design, the storyboarding, the sound design: the beta version all the way to what you see.”


Furthermore, Guillermo del Toro is not content with stopping there. Clearly keen on the forthcoming VR resurgence, the movie mogul addressed the possibility of a movie tie-in VR videogame for a potential Pacific Rim sequel: “I think that’s something that I would full and wholeheartedly support.”

It’s not yet known whether or not the Pacific Rim VR experience, known as Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot, will be showcased at any other public events or made available for use as a home entertainment product. Of course, VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.

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