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Jade Raymond: ‘VR will transform games.’

Ubisoft Toronto’s Jade Raymond is famous for being the face of the original Assassin’s Creed. A videogame series which has since gone on to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest cash cows and allowed Raymond to climb to a place of not insignificant authority. However, it’s not her current job that’s of interest to the virtual reality (VR) community, but rather her ideas for the future.

“We’re on the verge, I think of big breakthroughs in tech that are going to transform games.” Stated Raymond in an interview with Gamereactor. “The fourth dimension is referenced to virtual reality; not only the display technology but all of the new input technology that’s going with it. That’s going to transform how we interact with those types of games.”


Raymond is clearly invested in future technology, suggesting that augmented reality and gaming on non-traditional devices such as tablets and wearables will eventually become the norm. Furthermore, she’s already having ideas as to the kind of experiences she would wish to explore in VR:

“In terms of VR, I would love to have a zero-G kind of parkour game where you’re actually in a space suit navigating around and having the experience just like Chris Hatfield gets to have, or only a select few astronauts.” States Raymond. “Looking down at the Earth from above and trying to do something in space with the pressure of zero-G and managing your oxygen, and things like that.”

Heading up Ubisoft Toronto as Managing Director, it’s unlikely that Raymond herself is currently working on VR projects given Ubisoft’s stance on the technology. VRFocus will of course keep you updated should that situation change.

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