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Mod of the Week: Hexen

Following the positive reaction to VRFocus‘ coverage of DOOM as a virtual reality (VR) experience it was decided that the GZ3Doom mod software should be explored further. It seems that a number of first-person titles built on the DOOM Engine work perfectly fine in the exact same fashion as with DOOM, and so this week’s ‘Mod of the Week’ title is none other than the classic Hexen.

Original envisioned as a sequel to Heretic, Hexen eventually became it’s own beast. A true sequel to Heretic was later developed, as was a sequel to Hexen, all of which can be purchased from Steam in a version that is compatible with GZ3Doom and adaptable to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) for a VR experience. They all require the installation of GZ3Doom prior to the videogame you wish to play, but beyond that the process is incredibly simple.



To play Hexen in VR you must use GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode. To do this, you must first download the GZ3Doom package from Rotating Penguin’s website:

Windows: GZ3Doom 1.8.6_h Installer for Windows (latest version).

Mac OSX: GZ3Doom 1.8.6_h Installer for Max OSX (latest version).

Once installed, find the directory in which the program is held and also the location of Hexen. Next, drag the ‘HEXEN.WAD’ file on top of the ‘gz3doom.exe’ file, ensuring that neither file changes directory. This will launch Hexen using the GZ3Doom source code.

Once launched, set the in-game resolution to 1280×800. Launch into the videogame and press “+” until no status bar remains. Next, activate the ZDoom console by pressing “`” (UK Keyboard layout) and input “vr_mode 8”. The screen will automatically adjust to the stereoscopic display associated with the Oculus Rift and be ready to play on the head-mounted display (HMD).



You can turn off mouse menu selection for Oculus Rift mode: Options->Mouse Options->Enable Mouse in Menus->NO

You can also turn off mouse look for Oculus Rift mode, making the headtracking slightly smoother: Options->Mouse Options->Always Mouselook->OFF

If you dislike the high speed your character moves at, type “TURBO 65” in the console.

You can turn off the head bobbing with the command “MOVEBOB 0” when typed into the console.

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  1. Thanks Kevin for the nice review of GZ3Doom with Hexen. Even though I created GZ3Doom, I have not played through Hexen yet; But I am looking forward to it!

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