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Motorsport Revolution Adds 3 New Tracks in Time for Oculus DK2

Indie developer Ghost Machine has today announced the launch of three new tracks for the Early Access version of its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible racing videogame, Motorsport Revolution. The tracks arrive in time for the arrival of the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2), which should be arriving this those that pre-ordered the device when it was announced starting from today.

New videos of each of the tracks can also be seen below. They provide a runthrough of a lap on each. The first is taken from an urban track in Canada, while the others are based on tracks from California and Belgium. Each have players sitting in a cockpit view of their vehicle, racing around the lap, trying to overtake competitors. Two of the videos area in standard 2D views, while the other can be viewed with the Oculus Rift itself.

The Early Access version of Motorsport Revolution can currently be purchased on the title’s official website. The developer hopes to release the full title in late 2014, though a more specific date it yet to be announced. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s development going forward, reporting back with any more updates on its progress.

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