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Next Beasts of Prey Updates Improve PvP

Indie developer Octagon Interactive remains committed to turning Beasts of Prey into the experience it originally pitched. Last week VRFocus previewed the title and found small signs of promise in its Early Access form, though a lack of clear objectives and a confusing user interface (UI) suggested there was still plenty of work to be done. Since then, the developer has released a further two patches for the title, improving upon several aspects.


Both patches 8 and 9 have launched in the past few days. The former focuses on extending player vs. player (PvP) mechanics, as well as including some new additions to the title’s inventory. Many of the structures that players can build can now be destroyed. The crafting system has also been extended and the usual round of bug fixes have also been applied. That said, the developer has had to wipe the servers with the arrival of the update given some of the changes.

With patch 9, Octagon Interactive has addressed some balancing issues with the PvP, including tweaking damage dealt by certain weapons. Also added are new contested and free zones. The former features static resource hubs that will provide players with rare resources for as long as they can hold their position. Free zones allow players to work together to build towns and player-hubs.

Beasts of Prey is likely to keep receiving these updates for the foreseeable future while the developer continues to work towards a full release of the title. VRFocus will continue to follow the experience’s progress, reporting back with any more updates.

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