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The Old City Update Proposes Split Into 3 Titles & Engine Switch

Indie developer PostMod Softworks cancelled its Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible adventure title The Old City in late May 2014. Since then the developer has remained relatively quiet, suggesting a possible campaign relaunch after E3 2014, which took place at the beginning of last month. Now the team has issued a new update on the experience, proposing some radical changes to its development that could help it more effectively reach its goals.


As PostMod Softworks explained in a Steam Greenlight update, the developers are currently discussing splitting the videogame into three smaller experiences. The idea was raised after the team decided that creating The Old City as a single title was going to take ‘a very, very long time’. As such the developer has quizzed campaign backers and fans for thoughts on splitting the title not into three episodes, but three individual videogames, each with their own lower price tag, forming a trilogy.

Going into more detail, the developer revealed the advantages of this approach. Firstly, it would allow them to approach Kickstarter with a ‘much lower goal’ to fund just the first title. The following two videogames would then be developed using the profits made from the first. Not only that, but this would then allow the team to release their first piece of finished content in October 2014, with eight month gaps between the other two titles, suggesting the next would arrive in June 2015 and the final in February 2016.

Speaking in the comments section, the team also revealed that this would likely lead to the overall experience being longer. While each episode would obviously be shorter than the original title, this approach would allow them to add more to each individual title. It was also suggested that a ‘season pass’ price would be available for those that wanted to pay for all three titles in one go.

Finally, PostMod Softworks revealed that it was considering changing the engine for The Old City. Currently the title is being developed with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3, suggesting that the team might upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, although this isn’t confirmed. That said, the team is concerned that a change in engine could effect the title’s art style.

It’s not clear which path PostMod Softworks will take with The Old City, then. The title is a first-person experience in which players explore the remains of an ancient civilisation. It’s set to launch with support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset on PC. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress, bringing you the latest.

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