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The Assembly screenshot

The Assembly – Madeleine Stone’s Incarceration

I awake to find myself artificially encumbered. My captors, unaware that I have regained consciousness, idly continue their muttering to one another and candidly inform me that this is not somewhere I should wish to be. Unable to move as my journey continues along a brightly lit corridor the gurney that is my home blocks my vision, but I remain alert and am able to identify many of the rooms I am passing by: ominous laboratories play host to all kinds of experiments and the compliment of a washroom suggests that this organisation is very much human; but why then am I their prisoner?


As we continue down the corridor I see a peculiar logo emblazoned upon an automated door, but as we approach my calls for help alert a superior who chastises my forcible protectors for letting me remain awake. I struggle but am unable to break free, and in but a moment I am rendered unconscious once again. I next awake still a prisoner and have no idea how long I have been out for; hours? Days even? All I know is that I am now in an entirely different location, alone and uncared for. I need to escape.

Things soon get worse, of course, as it was perhaps inevitable that they would. As I begin searching my cell for a means of escape an alarm sounds; time is no longer my friend. The electronic door is locked, as you might imagine, but in a nearby locker I find a cup and hope to quench my thirst through the nearby sink. As I approach I notice a light which doesn’t have a security cover. Could it be that the lights are on the same circuit as the door? Only one way to find out.


Filling my cup as the sink, rather than quenching my thirst I decide to attempt escape. I remove the bulb from the unsecured light socket and douse the exposed cavity. My heart stops for a moment as the sparks fly; nothing. Then, a second later, I hear a whirring behind me and the door is flung open. I am free. Or, at least, I am no longer captive in this one room. What lies outside the door may well be a worse fate than that which would have become me had I remained, but only exploring further will provide an answer.


This preview offers an interpretation of the experience delivered in a demonstration build of nDreams’ The Assembly as told by the player’s character in the videogame. The above content is not part of the story nor is it in anyway related to the work of original author of the videogame.

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