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Project Time Travel Releases Early Access Version

Indie developer Robert Elliott has offered a sneak preview of his upcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame this week, releasing Project Time Travel onto the Oculus VR Share Beta. The title is free to download on PC and comes with full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. As the name suggests, the title allows users to step back in time using VR and visit a range of historical locations.


Project Time Machine begins with players standing in their garage having built a time machine. From there they can choose from a number of pre-set destinations, visiting locations such as a 1940’s London flat that provides a taste of life at home during the second World War and even the 1348 outbreak of the Black Death. Each scene lasts for five minutes before the time machine can transport players back to the present, and are intended to teach players about history and literature.

Scenes will range from open-world experiences that players can explore to confined areas that can be explored in great detail. In some cases the player may even need to avoid threats before they can safely find their way back to their garage. Given that the title is listed as pre-release on its page, it’s likely to see more updates as time goes on, hopefully with new areas and perhaps even new features, though no details are currently avaiable.

VRFocus will continue to follow Project Time Machine, bringing you any more updates on its progress going forward.

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