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RIP Shows Graphical Update with New Screenshots

Indie developer Axyos Games continue to impress with its steady stream of updates for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible first-person shooter (FPS), RIP. The developer has kept fans in the loop with weekly posts on its already-successful Steam Greenlight campaign page, talking about new features for the multiplayer title and posting videos. This week sees the arrival of four new screenshots for the experience, which can be seen below.

The images, taken in-game, highlight graphical improvements made to the title in recent weeks. The images are taken from the same urban map that has been shown before, but certainly seem to be brighter and sharper than they have appear before. There’s also a look at the player-controlled robots that can popular a match and some of the character models using objects in the environment as cover.

RIP aims to be a different kind of multiplayer FPS by scrapping the character levelling systems that have been introduced in the past few years and starting players on a level field at the beginning of each match. The title uses modern weapons and technology and will arrive with in 2015 on PC with full support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. VRFocus will continue to follow RIP, reporting back with any more updates on the title’s progress.

RIPScreens1 RIPSCreens2 RIPScreens3 RIPScreens4

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