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South Park Recreated in VR

Virtual reality (VR) has paved the way from many fan tributes to popular videogames, films and TV shows. While one developer made headlines earlier in 2014 with a faithful recreation of Jerry Seinfeld‘s apartment, Fire Panda has become well known for its VR adaptions of scenes from anime media. This week sees the reveal of another project in this vein, based on the popular South Park TV series, developed by production company Tool using the Oculus Rift VR headset.


The project lets users walk around the town of South Park with the Oculus Rift as if they were really in its world. It is available to download for free for use in VR but can also be played with a standard monitor in-browser via its official website. As the site reveals, South Park VR was created by ‘a small group of superfans’ over the course of a few weeks in July 2014.

The title was created using the Unity engine, with the developers specifically setting out to enhance their experience with both that toolset and the Oculus Rift. The South Park franchise was chosen due to its ‘perfect blend’ of an open-world with ‘a bit of an edge and a beautiful simplicity.’ It features 2D sprites of the show’s popular characters, faithful recreations of the town’s buildings and even vehicles set on loops to tour the environment.

“We loved this doodle of an experiment,” the team at Tool concluded. “Every aspect of the project gave us amusement: Recalling and reminiscing on favorite moments in the show’s history, going through our long forgotten DVD sets (yes some of us still have optical drives) to research these moments, modeling the buildings, setting the environment, and creating our own avatars. Our hope is that you enjoy exploring and rediscovering your love for this amazing show as much as we did creating.”

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  1. Currently there does not seem to be a way to run this on a Windows PC. The download from the site only has a Mac install or the Unity project itself. Hopefully this will be rectified soon.

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