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Tammeka Talk Kickstarter, Demo Builds & PlayStation 4

The rapid growth in Tammeka Games’ popularity over the last few weeks has not been by chance. This is undoubtedly the product of a carefully planned and precisely executed PR & marketing campaign, and it’s hard to fault Tammeka Games for doing so. Their product, Radial-G has been highlighted as one destined for success, and the recent acquisition of a Project Morpheus development kit only further aids the suggestion that the videogame is likely to become a landmark virtual reality (VR) title.

Not getting ahead of themselves however, Tammeka Games recently made the time to speak with VRFocus at the Develop Conference in Brighton. The event took place last week, and VRFocus has been following the news that Radial-G‘s development for Project Morpheus will be ‘accelerated’ since. But how do the team at Tammeka Games feel about this? And how about that on-going Kickstarter campaign? Radial-G producer Sam Watts addresses this and more in the interview below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from Tammeka Games.

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