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Caffeine Dev Teases Mysterious Threat

While Dylan Browne has been spreading word of his upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi horror title Caffeine around the internet for much of 2014, fans still know relatively little about it. While there have been plenty of gameplay videos and screenshots showcasing the experience’s abandoned caffeine mining facility environment we’re yet to see anything that delivers on the horror side.


VRFocus recently commented on the lack of an obvious threat to Browne, who hinted that he had ‘something’ in store for players on that front.

“There is definitely something on the space station with you…” the developer teased, “but the main danger will come from the environment itself.”

Environmental danger will include players navigating rooms with unstable floors and more, though many of the these dangers are also still to be revealed. That said, keeping these threats a secret is a tactic usually employed by those developing horror titles so as to retain an element of suspense. Monstrum developer Team Junkfish is trying the same approach with its own upcoming VR horror title.

Caffeine is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign where Browne hopes to raise $5,000 USD in order to fund the title’s development. VRFocus will be delivering the full interview with Browne later on in the week.

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