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Horizon Dev Hopes to Work with VR More, Possibly Project Morpheus

The latest update for the Oculus VR Share platform saw the release of an intriguing new virtual reality (VR) experience named Horizon. Developed by university student Elijah Flanders, this is a relaxing title that uses both music and the Oculus Rift VR headset to immerse players in a soothing and memorable journey. It’s one of the better titles to recently hit Oculus VR Share, and the developer recently told VRFocus that he hopes to keep working with VR.


“I would love to develop more uplifting experiences for both a standard screen and VR,” Flanders told VRFocus in an interview that will be published in full later this week. “However, I will need to get my own dev kit to continue development for VR. The whole development process was really enjoyable so it would be great to work on something like that again in the future.”

Could these experiences also arrive on the Prohect Morpheus headset for PlayStation 4? “I’ve actually discussed this with a good friend of mine recently,” the developer revealed. “It would be very interesting to see what could be done with Horizon on other virtual reality platforms. I have only seen a few tech demos of Project Morpheus but ideas of what can be done with it will come to me once I experience it first hand.”

Perhaps we’ll see more from Flanders in the future, then. Look for VRFocus‘ full interview with the developer later on in the week.

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