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Kite & Lightning’s Cory Strassberger on Content Creation & Monetisation

In the virtual reality (VR) community Kite & Lightning‘s reputation is second-to-none. The three demos that they have made publicly available – The Cave, The Station and Senza Peso – have all been met with both critical acclaim and a positive response from the development community also. But what does the future hold for a studio that has built itself on the ideal of making content available for free? Kite & Lightning’s Cory Strassberger took some time to speak with VRFocus about just that.

Monetising VR experiences is an issue many have faced. How would you go about selling a product that may only be a few minutes long? One that the end user may only ever choose to experience once or twice? It’s not a feature film, there is no physical possession and a distinct lack of interaction removes it from the realm of ‘videogame’. This is one of the major challenges that lay ahead for VR developers, and Strassberger is undoubtedly already exploring many opportunities. The full interview follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest from Kite & Lightning.

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