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PAX Prime 2014: ‘A History of VR: Haven’t We Been Here Before?

PAX Prime 2014 is now underway in Seattle, Washington and while it may not exactly be the biggest event on the virtual reality (VR) calender, there are a handful of demos and events that enthusiasts should concern themselves with. One such event is the ‘A History of VR: Haven’t We Been Here Before?’ panel scheduled to take place today at 17:00 PDT in the Wyvern Theatre. VRFocus will be there to liveblog the event.

Join Wayward Sprites CEO John Williamson, Shrapnel CEO Mark Long, University of Washington professor Dr. Tom Furness, and Simiosys Real World Laboratory Creative Experience Director Christopher Stapleton as they look back on VR’s past, and what’s different this time around. VRFocus is at PAX Prime this weekend to bring you all the latest VR news.

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