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PAX Prime VR Titles Revealed for Indie Megabooth

The Indie Megabooth has become something of a permanent fixture at PAX events and PAX Prime 2014 on 29th – 31st August in Seattle, Washington is no exception. The full line up for the space has now been revealed, confirming that a handful of Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) titles will be on display at the stand, including many of the titles that were seen earlier in the year at PAX East in Boston.


First up is E McNeill withi his anticipated virtual reality (VR) exclusive title, Darknet. The developer will be demoing the ‘hollywood hacking’ experience, which sees players solving procedurally developed challenges, at the main megabooth. Also at the stand is Marauder Interactive’s first-person space combat title Enemy Starfighter. Finally at the main booth is White Lotus Interactive with its first-person adventure title XING: The Land Beyond.

Outside of the main Megabooth will also be a Tabletop Space where Berserk Games’ Tabletop Simulator will also feature. The title is a ‘sandbox’ boardgame simulator that gives players the tools for a range of games and lets them play how they see fit. Those looking for more VR experiences will be happy to learn that Oculus VR should have its own booth at the show, while a panel taking place on the first day of the show will dicuss ‘A History of VR’ at 17:00 PDT.

VRFocus will be at PAX Prime 2014 to bring you all the latest on VR titles and more.

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