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Pixel Rift Set for Release in 2015

Following in the footsteps of Bojan Brbora and his critically acclaimed 4PM, National Film & Television School (NFTS) student Ana Ribeiro has revealed to VRFocus her plans for the public release of graduate project, Pixel Rift. Developed primarily as a virtual reality (VR) experience, Pixel Rift will be made available to purchase in 2015.

A welcomingly unusual subject matter for a videogame, Pixel Rift challenges the player with the task of being a young girl growing into an adult. Beginning as a baby, our heroine becomes a pre-teen, teenager and eventually an adult, while along the way her most reliable constant is her love for videogames. From the 1970’s Odyssey 2 console through the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Game Boy and beyond, the player will experience the fictional ‘Pixel Rift’ videogame series across a number of different formats within the Pixel Rift videogame.


“I’m planning to release the game next year,” stated Ribeiro in an interview with VRFocus. “I’m starting out with a good demo of the game so I can take it to Eurogamer [Expo]. We’re going to have a stand from the National Film [& Television] School in Eurogamer, so I’m working on this demo.”

Ribeiro has designed Pixel Rift with the intention of being played as a VR experience, however the videogame can also be played on a standard proscenium arch monitor. Though the videogame will launch on PC first, Ribeiro also has ambitions to bring Pixel Rift to PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus. A companion app is also in development.

“A free companion app [will be available] so people can download it; the ‘Pixel Rift’ game that you play in virtual reality – this 2D platform game – I want to actually develop it for the app store and Android so people can download it,” Ribeiro revealed. “In the future… my dream future is for Project Morpheus.”


Attendees of the Eurogamer Expo will get their first chance to play Pixel Rift next month. VRFocus will bring you the full interview with Ribeiro and a hands-on preview of Pixel Rift in the very near future.

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