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Preview: Ghostship Aftermath

MAG Studios’ Ghostship Aftermath is set to launch it’s original virtual reality (VR) edition tomorrow. Despite having already been made available as a non-VR videogame, Ghostship Aftermath was designed primarily with VR in mind and as such it’s a title that VRFocus has been following closely. Now it’s nearly here there’s time for one last look at what it stands to offer.

This is a science-fiction title through-and-through. Waking up from suspended animation in deep space you find yourself strapped into a space suit preparing to explore a derelict ship. This ship plays victim to an alien attack in the forthcoming prequel CDF Ghostship, but here in the wake of the battle that raged all you have for company is silence. At least for a short while.


You have a colleague assisting you remotely from your own ship. Well, the word ‘assist’ should be used lightly. He’ll direct you, suggest objectives and offer information on the objects you discover. He’ll also unconsciously aid in moments of tension and panic with his thoughtless babble, making a confrontation all the more forgoing simply due to a lack of faith in your abilities. A friend he maybe, a fan he is not.

Your first instance on the abandoned craft is much more cluttered than in that of VRFocus‘ first experience of Ghostship Aftermath. Corpses and dismembered limbs cruise the zero gravity environment as if in slow motion. Rocks of various shapes and sizes obstruct your path for a moment as you attempt to force them aside, slowly making your way down the corridor. Not too much further you’ll find expended ammunition creates and alien eggs. It’s obvious that things here did not go too well for the former inhabitants, and they probably won’t for you either.

It’s quite some time until you’ll get to fight against one of these alien creatures, or even see one in fact. Designed primarily for VR, Ghostship Aftermath has gone to great lengths to ensure that the player is comfortable. The pace of the videogame is very slow to begin with – almost unbearably so – but at this point Ghostship Aftermath is an exploration experience. You know what went down here – the videogame is not too subtle – and you know bad things are going to happen to you too, but right here and right now you’re taking baby steps into a world that doesn’t want you in it.


Restarting a reactor to get the power back on, reinitiating the gravity, finding a light source and securing a weapon. This is your first hour in Ghostship Aftermath. Another living soul? You left them on your own ship. Those obviously terrifying alien creatures? They’re lying in wait. You can feel their presence, but concerns about what you can see – your oxygen level, your Geiger counter, your light source – are far more pressing. The gentle introduction belies the action that awaits in the full Ghostship Aftermath experience, and VRFocus will bring you a detailed review of the full videogame in the very near future.

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