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Singer-Songwriter Jarboe Reveals Work on Oculus Rift Title

American singer and song-writer Jarboe is no stranger to videogames. In 2009 she co-composed the soundtrack to The Path from Tale of Tales. Now the former Swans member has revealed that she is working on a new videogame, which will support the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). Jarboe will not only license songs for the project but also appear in the title as herself.


“I’m now licensing my songs for an Oculus Rift game in which I also appear as myself in the game. It’s in process now so I can’t be more specific,” Jarboe explained in an interview with Self-titled. It wasn’t revealed exactly which Oculus Rift title Jarboe is working on at this point in time. Of course, Tale of Tales upcoming first-person adventure title, Sunset, is a possible candidate for Oculus Rift support, but is yet to be confirmed. The title recently passed a Kickstarter campaign, suggesting that VR support would be integrated if it fits.

Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Jarboe could be working on. There are of course a range of Oculus Rift titles in development at the moment, but it’s certainly a struggle to think of one in which an appearance by a muscian performing as themselves might be fitting. As she explained, she currently can’t talk about the title, suggesting it is still under wraps to some degree. VRFocus will continue to follow this story, reporting back with any further updates.

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