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Thotwise Launches Kickstarter Campaign for The Hum

Thotwise Games has today launched the official Kickstarter campaign for The Hum, a new virtual reality (VR) experience currently in development for PC and PlayStation 4. The videogame has been in development as a part-time project since the start of this year, and now key developer Ariel Arias is aiming to finish the title with the aid of the videogames community.

“In the first place, we’re raising funds so we can dedicate ourselves 100% to the project,” states Arias on the official Kickstarter campaign page. “We have been developing the game with our personal savings and resources, working part-time in other projects in order to be able to afford the development process. This situation, then, is not sustainable over a long period and won’t allow us to improve the game as we want and reach our goals.



“Wit the money raised from this campaign, apart from paying for our own basic needs (food, rent and cigarettes), we will work 100% focused in The Hum, we will use the money to keep adding art and high quality elements, purchase licensed tools which will allow us to enhance the visual quality a lot and add support to many platforms as possible. [sic]”

The Kickstarter campaign funding goal is set at $250,000 NZD (approx. £126,416 GBP) with a $1 minimum pledge. The reward tiers include a digital copy of the videogame beginning at $25, t-shirts at $200 and collector’s editions starting from $650. Furthermore, a donation of $2,000 will allow you to become a character in the videogame.

Though the Kickstarter campaign is primarily concerned with the PC version of the videogame, playable with the Oculus Rift, Arias has recently stated that the chances of The Hum making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus are ‘really high’. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on The Hum and other VR projects from Thotwise Games.


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