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Hands-On with Kite & Lightning’s The Voice 360: Be the Coach

Kite & Lightning are a widely respected independent development studio that has established huge credibility within the virtual reality (VR) community. Their original creations such as The Station and the highly praised Senza Peso have been regularly touted as the current pinnacle of passive VR experiences. As the studio matures it was inevitable that such a reputation would lead to commercial products and high-profile licenses, but their first release, The Voice 360: Be the Coach, no one could have guessed.

Based on the hugely popular international television show, The Voice, this collaboration with NBC has been designed to be part of a launch tour for a brand new series. Previous tours have offered the infamous spinning chairs to fans, but this time it’s something else: something entirely new. It’s The Voice 360: Be the Coach, and it’s surely going to be an experience fans of the television show will never forget.


The title is surely indicative of the content. In The Voice 360: Be the Coach, you sit upon the throne of one of the judging panel during the audition stage. As the lights come up you’ll see an audience enraptured in anticipation. Behind you, out of view no matter how much you struggle, an artist begins to play on stage. This is the moment of choice. Do you, as a judge, decide that they are good enough to become a contestant on the show?

You’ll have the power, along with your fellow coaches, to decide the fate of this one performer. Once your decision has been made – whether or not you chose to spin your chair in approval – you’ll see just who it is that you voted upon. You’ll be right next to famous faces as they too express their opinion. Was the artist successful? If so, they’ll have the right to choose their mentor, just as on the television show.


The Voice 360: Be the Coach exudes the same high quality of VR that Kite & Lightning have become famous for. It’s immaculate in it’s blending of live action and computer-generated content. Despite being just a few minutes long, it’s a unique experience that, as a fan of VR as opposed to the television show, you’ll only entertain once or twice, but when you do you’ll quickly recognise that Kite & Lightning were the best team for this job, but they are destined for much better things.

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