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Jeff Minter’s Minotaur Rescue Heading to Oculus, Morpheus and Gear VR

Famed developer Jeff Minter has already been linked to virtual reality (VR) development. Earler in 2014 a Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) employee revealed that the creator of TxK was working on the Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4. This week has seen Minter reveal exactly what he is working on for the device, which also relates to both the Oculus Rift PC VR HMD and Samsung’s newly-revealed Gear VR smartphone HMD which uses the Galaxy Note 4. The developer will be bringing a new version of the popular iOS title Minotaur Rescue to the platforms.


“Confirming: full version of Mino Rescue VR created for Samsung VR Gear,” the developer initially wrote on Twitter. “Also our engine now supports all 3 major VR platforms, so we’ll be able to offer this new MRVR on Occy and Morpheus when markets open.”

Minotaur Rescue takes inspiration from the likes of classic titles such as Asteroids. Players control a ship, destorying asteroids to advance to the next level and avoiding being hit. Players can also collect Minotaurs for powerups. Speaking about the VR version’s features, Minter revealed the Minotaur Resuce VR would feature “50 levels, good variety of enemy types, powerups, Restart Best, perfect framerate, ultra high rez.”

Little else has been revealed about the title at this point in time. The Gear VR is expected to launch as an early ‘Innovator Edition’ in mid-October 2014, but it’s not clear if Minotaur Rescue will be ready for launch right now. It’s not clear if Minter is also working on original products for these HMDs, although its certainly exciting to .see his celebrated work with indie studio Llamasoft in VR. VRFocus will continue to follow the project going forward, reporting back with any further updates.

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