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Kôna Still Possible for Consoles via Pre-Order Revenue

Indie developer Parabole experienced a rare twist in crowd-funding fortunes lasts week as its upcoming survival adventure videogame, Kôna, passed its Kickstarter campaign goal of $40,000 CAD within the last few days. Following the success of the virtual reality (VR) compatible experience’s campaign, the developer posted further stretch goals, one of which teased both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Kôna, the latter of which would support the Project Morpheus VR head-mounted display (HMD). Set at $60,000, the stretch goal wasn’t reached within the campaign itself, but could well be passed through further pre-orders for the title.


Parabole confirmed as much in an update on its now-finished Kickstarter campaign page. “We already have a dozen of PayPal pre-orders on the game website and each one will count in the Stretch Goal calculation,” the developer noted. “It is really unfortunate that Kickstarter does not support PayPal, as many people without credit cards cannot support Kôna here and it kind of divides our efforts. Anyway, we will continue to accept pre-orders on our site for several months post-Kickstarter. It means that while we may not reach the goals here on Kickstarter, it is possible to reach them afterwards!”

The PC, Mac and Linux version of Kôna already features support for the Oculus Rift VR HMD. The title is a first-person experience in which players are cast as a private detective sent to Northern Quebec to investigate vandalism to a rich industrialist’s summer home. As players arrive on the scene they find it to be deserted and must discover what has become of the local population. The title is set to be delivered across three separate episodes, with the first due to arrive in April 2015.

Pre-orders via Kôna‘s official website come in three forms. The first is a $7 option for access to forums and the first episode, while the second is set at $20 for the full season and forum access. The final option, priced at $28 offers the same with a digital soundtrack also thrown in. It’s not possible to see for yourself how much more the developer has to reach the $60,000 goal, although the campaign ended on $44,271 raised, meaning it doesn’t have too much further to go. VRFocus will continue to follow Kôna going forward, reporting back with any further updates.

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