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Gear VR

Preview: Intro to VR for Gear VR

It’s widely known that Oculus VR consider the recently revealed Gear VR a stepping stone for consumers. It’s an entry level device made for people to dip their toes into this newly reborn world of virtual reality (VR). With this intent comes a responsibility to ensure that newcomers understand the fundamentals of what VR can and will do, and Intro to VR is designed to do just that.


An entirely passive experience, Intro to VR is a 360-degree video that was filmed by Felix & Paul Productions alongside animation by Framestore. The short demonstration fades into view with an outer space sequence. A large planet in front and a small one behind coupled by an ocean of stars. A soft narration takes you on a journey, describing the connection between what you’re seeing and what VR is. It’s not what you may think: it’s a brand new start.

The stars fade to a mountain side high above the clouds. A beautiful red landscape surrounded by endless white and blue. A clip from Cirque de Soleil Media’s Hold on to Your Seat is then followed by a family eating together in a small shelter as the narrator informs you that VR is not just about entertainment but rather experiences. It’s taking you to places you’ve never been to before and letting you see things you’ve never seen. One day, it may let you communicate in a way you’ve never communicated before.

The visual quality of Intro to VR is simply stunning. It’s a combination of 3D modelling and video footage that blends into a short yet gripping expose of modern VR. Exactly how Oculus and Samsung intend to put Intro to VR in people’s hands is not yet known, but a logical conclusion would be that this is the perfect experience to be bundles with the device itself. After all, the official Gear VR website states that, “A collection of 360-degree videos and 3D movie trailers from major studios will be pre-loaded.” VRFocus will keep you updated with any further information regarding Intro to VR being one of these videos.

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