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Preview: Marvel Superpowered for Gear VR

One of the highlights of Samsung Unpacked 2014’s hands-on showcase was the reveal of a brand new Marvel experience: Marvel Superpowered. Despite the name of the title suggesting otherwise, this wasn’t a videogame as much as it was a technical demonstration. Given the youth of the Gear VR it would be easy to forgive Marvel for being cautious of course, but even at this time it’s obvious that ambition on behalf of developers is just as high as the expectation from consumers.


The demo begins sat in Tony Stark’s office, mounted within the Iron Man Mark 34 armour, with all manner of meters and dials imposed upon your view. These, ultimately, are just window dressing, as the experience largely takes place in the environment. Looking at a large Samsung screen positioned behind the player, you are invited to interact with two different aspects of the demo. The first, an Avengers ‘A’, plays a clip from the motion-picture production with a very impressive picture quality. The player is free to look around as they wish while the clip plays; the developers obviously keen not to limit the player’s ability to move their head.

Interacting with the second icon, that of Iron Man’s Mark 34 helmet, the room will darken and a number of objects will become highlighted with a blue wireframe. Focussing on these wireframes and tapping the Gear VR’s touchpad zoomed in on the object and offers a brief rundown – both voice-acted and in text – of the item. Loki’s staff, the Quinjet and a Samsung Gear S smartwatch featuring Avengers branding were among these items.

A simple introduction that lasted a few minutes and nothing more, Marvel Superpowered may disappoint Marvel fans but looking at the wider picture will reveal an element of enthusiasm for the technology that may have been unexpected from such a big brand. Plenty of other experiences were available at Samsung Unpacked 2014, and VRFocus will bring you the latest details on each and every one.

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