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Radial-G Single Player Demo v1.4 Released

Earlier in September 2014 VRFocus reported that anticipated virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racing title Radial-G had successfully secured funding to release a full version. Developer Tammeka Games revealed that the title would be launching on Steam in late 2014, with an updated version of its single player demo arriving before then. Today sees that demo finally launch, bringing with it a range of improvements to the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) support.

One of the main highlights for the Radial-G v1.4 demo is support for the Oculus VR’s 0.4.2 software development kit (SDK), ensuring a better overall experience when using the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2) with a Direct to Rift mode. Also added are Rift VR menus, a virtual on-screen keyboard that eliminates the need to remove the headset to see the real keyboard and a number of ‘minor’ audio and visual tweaks.

Some new screenshots provide to VRFocus by Tammeka Games can be seen below, showcasing the demo’s updates. The demo is currently available directly from MEGA, and will be arriving on Indie Db in the near future. It has also been submitted to the official Oculus VR Share portal, though a date for its launch there is yet to be revealed. Links will be provided on the title’s website as they are posted. VRFocus will continue to follow Radial-G moving forward, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

Radial-G_v1.4_DK2_RiftMenus1 Radial-G_v1.4_DK2_RiftMenus2 Radial-G_v1.4_SlowDown_Change Radial-G_v1.4_SpeedBoost_Change

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