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Red of Paw Joins Development of Crystal Rift

Indie developer Nick Pittom, also known as Red of Paw, has become well known within the virtual reality (VR) community for his work on adapting scenes from famous Studio Ghibli animations into VR titles. The developer recently enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign that will enable him to travel to the Oculus Connect conference in Hollywood, California this week and develop a videogame based on the experience. But that’s not all Pittom is currently working on; the developer has just revealed a partnership with to work with Crystal Rift creator John Hibbins.


Crystal Rift is a unique mix of first-person dungeon crawling, adventuring and horror. Players move through environments on a square-based grid, solving various challenges as they go. Tasks range from platform-based trials to puzzles and more. The title has a light horror twist to it, as players endure scares from various monsters as they make their way through levels.

“Nick and I just hit it off from our first meet, we both share the vision of redefining the square based dungeon experience, and we have a clear idea of what we want to achieve,” Hibbins said of bringing Pittom on board. “It’s exciting times for us and VR. With Nick’s expertise in design and storytelling, we look forward to further developing the game and the world of Crystal Rift.

“I was impressed with the experience of Crystal Rift and what Jon had achieved with it,” Pittom added. “The game, as I saw it was both fun and also extremely suitable for and comfortable in VR. I felt the potential for the game was awesome and saw a way that I could offer a lot to the game.”

The pair hopes to release Crystal Rift in full in Summer 2015. A demo for the experience can currently be downloaded via its official website, with a Steam Greenlight campaign expected to launch in October 2014. VRFocus will continue to follow Crystal Rift going forward, reporting back with any further updates on its development.

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