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Gear VR

Romans 360 Announced for Gear VR

Yet another vidoegame developer has revealed a new virtual reality (VR) title for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) following its reveal earlier this week in Berlin, Germany. This time it’s Side-Kick Games, the indie studio behind the likes of Mini Ninjas Adventures, Dr. Jolt and Top Smash, announcing a new title. The studio has revealed Romans 360, a VR adaption of its 2013 title, Romans From Mars.


There’s currently little known information on Romans 360, although it’s not hard to imagine how it will be adapted from Romans From Mars. That title was a first-person tower defense title in which players command a crossbow ballista to fend off endless waves of alien enemies. The latter part of Roman 360‘s name suggests that players will have a full 360 degrees of control over the weapon in this version.

Romans From Mars, our flagship game, is expanding beyond the initial smartphone and tablet versions,” said Guy Bendov, Side-Kick Games CEO. “Romans 360 is a testament to Side-Kick’s commitment to producing games which are both ground-breaking technology-wise, and focused on emerging markets. Samsung Gear VR represents the future of mobile immersive gaming experiences.”

A release date for Romans 360 is yet to be revealed, though it is possible that it’s one of the many launch titles lined up for Gear VR’s mid-October release as an Innovator Edition. VRFocus will continue to follow both the title and the device going forward, reporting back with any further updates

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