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Sony: Project Morpheus ‘85% Finished’, Trying to keep Cost Down

With this weekend’s Oculus Connect event in Hollywood, California fast approaching all eyes are on the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) at this point in time. That said, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) are still talking about their own Project Morpheus HMD for the PlayStation 4 at this week’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in Japan. In fact the company’s head of worldwide studios has revealed the the kit, which is currently in prototype stages, is nearing completion.


Speaking to The Wall street Journal Japan, Yoshida stated that SCE has finished ‘85% of the work needed to make the product available’. This likely refers to finalising components for the consumer version of Project Morpheus, something that Oculus VR confirmed it had already done for the Oculus Rift’s consumer version earlier in the year. As for cost, Yoshida noted that Project Morpheus might not be as expensive as people think, based on the fact that it is using components from smartphones.

Sadly Yoshida didn’t note when we might actually see this consumer version of the device for ourselves or indeed when it will be available. And with all of 2014’s major industry events now out of the way, fans will likely have to wait until 2015 to get a solid update on the device. VRFocus will continue to follow Project Morpheus going forward, reporting back with any further updates on the device’s development.

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