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Technolust Dev Announces Look & Loot: Epic Pets for Gear VR

Iris VR, the developer of the anticipated upcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame Technolust, has revealed that it is one of a number of developers signing up to work on the newly-revealed Samsung Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD). However, instead of simply porting Technolust to the new platform the developer has instead announced a brand new title. That title is Look & Loot: Epic Pets.


Look & Loot: Epic Pets has players searching for loot across a fantastical landscape. As players search, their pet follows their direction, gathering the treasure. That loot is then used to upgrade pets both visually and on a performance level, allowing for more successful runs. New locations and pets will be unlocked as players progress. An early example shows a unicorn being used to collect look, although the developer has teased that Pandas, Rhinos and Dragons will also be included.

Iris VR also noted that Look & Loot: Epic Pets was releasing on Android-based mobile devices, suggesting that it could also be compatible with our smartphone HMDs, though further compatibility was not announced. It is suggested that this title is the first in a series of Look & Loot videogames, although further plans are yet to be announced. VRFocus will continue to follow the title moving forward, reporting back with any further updates.

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