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ZVR Apocalypse Playable Demo Hits Oculus Share

The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible ZVR Apocalypse is now in its last few days and still some way short of reaching its $30,000 AUD funding goal. However developer Lucid VR isn’t ready to give up just yet, having recently launched its new demo for the title onto the official Oculus VR Share Beta. This marks the second demo to be released for the title, which was first released late last week.


ZVR Apocalypse is a shooter-based videogame that uses both first and third person perspectives. Players will shoot zombies using a turret mounted to a helicopter in first-person and engange in cover-based shootouts in third-person. Zombies aren’t limited to slow speeds but will instead rush players while others will use weapons such as guns. The title is coming to both PC and Mac where it will feature full support for the Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD).

For those that want a closer look at ZVR Apocalypse‘s detailed, gruesome brand of the undead, an earlier demo is available. The Kickstarter campaign is now just three days away from its 28th September 2014 closure, and those who want to help out can back $30 to secure a digital copy of the title. VRFocus will continue to follow ZVR Apocalypse going forward, reporting back with any further updates on the title’s progress.

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