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Darkfield VR

Darkfield Demo hits Oculus Share

It’s around five days in to indie developer VR Bits’ Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible space combat title, Darkfield. In that time the developer has already started to approach the halfway point for its $10,000 AUD goal, having raised $4,138 at the time of writing with the help of some 156 backers. Today sees the team give the campaign’s marketing another push, with the release of a new multiplayer team deathmatch demo for the title.


The demo is currently available on the official Oculus VR Share platform for PC, Mac and Linux. It features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display’s (HMD) first and second development kits (DK1 and DK2). As the the developer reveals, the full multiplayer team deathmatch mode will offer six different types of ship for players to battle against, although this demo only contains three of them. These include a bomber, mid-range fighter and smaller, nimbler ship.

Darkfield offers players the chance to take part in first-person space flight combat, sitting them in the cockpit to a number of different types of ships. The title features a heavy emphasis on cooperative play and even includes free roaming segments in which players can explore the lore of the universe.

Darkfield‘s Kickstarter campaign is due to come to a close on 27th October 2014. those interested can currently pledge $15 to secure both access to the pre-release and full versions of the title, the latter of which is looking to launch in July 2015. VRFocus will continue to follow the title, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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