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Diablo Creator on VR: “We’ve all seen it coming”

With virtual reality (VR) technology becoming more and more prominent by the day, plenty of videogame development legends have spoken out about devices such as the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Most recently David Brevik, the famed co-founder of Blizzard Noth and designer on the original Diablo, has commented on the kit. Instead of glowing predictions of the future, the developer’s statements were somewhat mixed.


As Bleeding Cool reports, Brevik spoke about the Oculus Rift during a panel named ‘The Future of Gaming’ at New York Comic Con earlier in October 2014. “You look dumb wearing it,” he said before elaborating that, “some trends in the video game industry come out of nowhere, but not with Oculus Rift. We’ve all seen it coming.”

Former EA employee Michael Gluck then noted that: “It is unknown whether consumers will adopt it. Oculus Rift is the biggest force on the market right now. Gaming is a social activity, but is slowly becoming solitary.”

“I’m not sure I’d want to come home and put on a suit to play a game,” Brevik concluded.

These statements echo much of the debte in the VR industry right now, with a definitive means of input yet to be discovered for VR experiences. The fate of the Oculus Rift with consumers will also be determined by a number of unrevealed factors such as price. Oculus VR has stated that it’s on the path to a consumer release now and VRFocus has heard that the Oculus Rift could see a beta roll out as early as April 2015, but this is yet to be confirmed. Most recently the company revealed a new prototype for the device, named Crescent Bay.

VRFocus will continue to follow the Oculus Rift as it heads towards a consumer launch, bringing you all the latest updates on it.

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