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Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event Teased for Next Month

With upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible videogame Elite: Dangerous still hoping to release in 2014, creator Frontier Developments is running out of days to actually launch the title. The developer remains dedicated to updating the already-available Beta version of the title, which currently sits at version 3.01, but there’s no word on when the full launch might happen. That could change next month as Frontier Developments has teased the ‘Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event’.

There is currently little information about the event itself, other than it will be taking place on 22nd November 2014. The developer has also released a Vine clip to add to the tease as seen below, showcasing eight different silhouettes of various craft. Interestingly, not every ship looks like an actual space craft, though it’s impossible to tell with these basic outlines. What could the Premiere Event be? Will the full launch date finally be revealed? Will it be a live event or something else? Hopefully these questions and more will all be answered.

Elite: Dangerous is a space simulation title that starts players off with a ship and some money, allowing them to make their own way in the universe by taking part in various activities. It is both a multiplayer and single-player experience in which players can battle opponents or make money through other means. The PC title features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), pitting players in the cockpit of their craft and providing an immersive experience. The title features an enormous amount of star systems to explore with some featuring 1:1 scale planets and more. These areas have used

The title’s recently-launched Beta 3 includes support for multiple ship ownership among other features. VRFocus will continue to follow Elite: Dangerous as it moves towards launch, reporting back with any further updates.

  1. are you retarded? its an aircraft timeline, starting from the bi-plane going up to the sidewinder of elite: dangerous

  2. Well, Cobra Mk3 not sidewinder, but I don’t know how anyone can fail to to see those are aircraft. Especially Concorde and the Harrier…

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