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Grave Demo Now Available for Backers

It’s arriving a little later than expected but this week finally sees the launch of the Kickstarter and Paypal Backers demo for the upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible horror title Grave. Indie developer Broken Window Studios originally planned to release the sample in September 2014, but delayed its launch to iron out some final bugs. The demo is currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux, with an Xbox One version expected later down the line.


The demo is designed to showcase the improvements to both visuals and gameplay that the developer has made throughout 2014. It contains a segment of the full experience, with various objectives to complete. A new enemy type will also feature as will a ‘newly fleshed out narrative apect’, although players will have to find out more about that themselves. It also features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display’s (HMD) first and second development kit (DK1 and DK2). Instructions for how to download the demo will be sent to backer’s email accounts.

Grave is a first-person survival horror title in which players explore a dynamically changing landscape during the day and fend off monsters by night. Enemies are weak to light sorucees and so players use items such as matches and torches as weapons. Earlier in the year the title successfully passed a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign, raising over $30,000 USD to aid its development. A PlayStation 4 version is also planned for the future.

The experience is expected to launch in full in the first quarter of 2015. VRFocus will continue to follow Grave in the future, reporting back with any further updates on the title.

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