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The Hum Dev Talks About Enemy Variety

Despite an unfortunate setback in a failed Kickstarter campaign, indie developer Ariel Arias continues to work on his upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi horror title, The Hum. The developer now plans to release smaller spin-off titles for the experience to raise funds to continue work on the full videogame. Recently Arias spoke to VRFocus about the enemy variety players can expect in the full title.


“The aliens will be present in the game almost all the time,” Arias explained in an interview that will be published in full this week. “But there will be many races with different roles, with different kinds of power or positions. You will see some aliens more often, some aliens will be very rare and that will be like a mystery, what is happening? So you will see aliens just playing. They are there, they are like your dictators.”

The Hum is a first-person horror experience in which players are cast as the survivor of an alien invasion of Earth. The player’s character begins to discover mysterious new abilities as the story progresses and players continue to avoid detection by the alien threat. The title is aiming to release on PC with support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and also PlayStation 4 with the Project Morpheus HMD in the future.

Check back later this week for VRFocus‘ full interview with Arias on The Hum.

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