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Leap Motion Launches 3D Jam at IndieCade [UPDATED]

The 2014 International Festival of Independent Games, better known as IndieCade, is currently underway in Culver City, California. As VRFocus has already reported, a number of virtual reality (VR) compatible titles are on display at the event along with a showing from Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) maker Oculus VR itself. The event also sees the launch of a new VR-based competiton from gesture-based input company Leap Motion.


The company has launched a six-week 3D Jam, challenging indie developers to create innovative VR and PC-based experiences using its Leap Motion Controller, which tracks hand movements. Entrants also have the option to use the recently revealed Oculus Rift mount for the controller allowing them to attack it to the front of the HMD. First place will be rewarded with over $75,000 USD in prizes, including $30,000 cash, the opportunity to showcase their creation at 2015 IndieCade events and a visit to Leap Motion HQ.

Two categories will run for the competiton. The first is a Select Jam of teams chosen at IndieCade itself this weekend, while an Open Jam is available globally. Entrants have the freedom to create an experience in any kind of genre. The Jam begins on 19th October, with teams delivering a build or video of progress on 15th November. The Jam will end on 1st December, with finalists chosen on 20th December. The final winner will be selected on 10th January 2015. Finalists will also win a spot in a Leap Motion marketing campaign as well as free devices.

It will even be possible to use one of nine hardware hubs located in San Francisco, New York City Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, London, shanghai, Edinburgh and Toronto to provide access to the kit. Those interested can register as Leap Motion’s official website. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR related news, reporting back with all the latest.

UPDATE: Following the publication of this article Leap Motion has clarified that the $75,000 USD figure supplied is the total prize pool, not exclusively the first place prize. The following details were offered by a Leap Motion representative:

“$75k is the total value of prizes for all winners of the 3D Jam (not just first place). The teams that place first in the Select Jam and Open Jam categories will win $5,000 and up to $2,5000 in travel costs to exhibit with Leap Motion at IndieCade East 2015.”


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