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Oculus Rift Beats Project Morpheus For Innovation of the Year

The Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) for PC and Project Morpheus HMD for PlayStation 4 aren’t really seen as rivals at this early stage in the VR industry’s revival. In fact, it’s only in award ceremonies that the two are truly being pitted against each other. Today sees the Oculus Rift secure another win over the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) made device.


The Oculus Rift has received the Innovation of the Year award at the 2014 Golden Joystick Awards in London, UK. Oculus VR’s Callum Underwood was on hand to pick up the award. The HMD also beat out the likes of Microsoft’s Kinect 20 sensor and ever SCE’s own Remote Play concept for the award.

The Oculus Rift is currently available for developers as a second generation development kit (DK2). Recently Oculus VR debuted a new Crescent Bay prototype version of the device. A release date for the consumer version of the kit is yet to be revealed. VRFocus will continue to follow both the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus closely, reporting back with any further updates on both.

  1. We have not seen the full potential of Project Morpheus yet and Sony have only showed a few tech demos, so I think most people would vote for Oculus Rift in almost any situation (except design).

  2. Well of course it got the reward, Morpheus was announced not to long ago, isn’t really available yet unless your a dev, it’s in it’s first stages of development, and oculus currently makes more use of VR. You can’t compare a device thats been around for two years to one that was unveiled maybe half a year ago. That would be like comparing PS3 to Xbox 360 before it even released, xbox 360 came a whole year earlier so it had more time to evolve.

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