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Two VR Panels Listed for PAX Australia

With many of the more popular videogame expos and events out of the way for 2014, you might think the year is beginning to wind down. That’s not quite the case for Australians, however, as the PAX Australia is preparing to take place at the end of the month on 31st October and running until 2nd November. Virtual reality (VR) fans will have a reason to look forward to the event, with two VR related panels scheduled to take place over the weekend.


The first of these two panels is titled ‘Virtual Worlds: a look into the VR past, present and future‘, which takes place on 31st October at 18:00 GMT+11. A panel consisting of the likes of Zero Latency’s Tim ruse, Lucid VR’s Sean Edwards, members of the Oculus VR team and even Adrian Web, the Simulation Design Analyst for the Australian Department of Defense. As the title suggests the panel will take a look at VR’s origins and where it could go in the future.

Next up is the ‘What’s driving the future of PC gaming?‘ panel at 13:00 on Saturday 1st November. While not strictly focused on VR, the panel will discuss its role in the future of PC videogames, and includes Oculus VR’s Developer Relations Manager Callum Underwood on its roster as well as Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games’ Chris Roberts. Other panelists include representatives of Ailenware, Bioware and Ubisoft.

PAX Australia will certainly be worth attending for any VR fans and enthusiasts, then. VRFocus will continue to follow the event, reporting back with any further updates on VR.

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