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VR Audio Tool Phonon 3D Releases Demo

Virtual reality (VR) developers should consider sound design as important a part of creating a sense of presence in a VR experience as visuals. It’s essential that the distance and location of sounds be accurately portrayed for players to truly believe that they have stepped into another world. With that in mind, Impulsonic has released a demo for its upcoming VR audio development tool, Phonon 3D.


Phonon 3D allows developers to easily incorporate binaural 3D audio into their VR projects. The toolset is compatible with a range of development engines such as Unity Pro 4.3+ and Unreal Engine 4 and even plans to be compatible on mobile platforms as well as PC in the future. It incorporates aspects such as the position of player’s head to help produce accurate sounds. The demo, set in a graveyard, helps display what is possible with the technology.

Impulsonic is currently allowing interested developers to sign up for a Phonon 3D beta over on its official website. It’s currently not clear when the full platform might launch. VRFocus will continue to follow the toolset closely, reporting back with any further updates on its development.

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