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VR Phobia Treatment Software PHOBOS Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign

PsyTech LLC, a start-up that develops phobia and anxiety virtual reality (VR) software for research and psychotherapeutic applications, has today announced the launch of its online crowd funding campaign. Presented on Indiegogo.com, PHOBOS is an ‘anxiety management’ platform developed with the strengths of VR as an immersion technology.

PHOBOS is a new kind of immersion therapy which makes use of virtual environments to present the user with situations not normally attainable in everyday life with the objective of relieving anxiety or phobias. For example, treatment a fear of flying could begin in a therapist’s office without the need for direct contact with the ‘stressor’. A person could become exposed to the idea of flight without the need to actually board a plane in the first instance.


“The campaign’s objectives are to obtain funding to continue development of PHOBOS and raise awareness about the possibilities of VR for therapeutic and research applications,” reads the official press release from PsyTech LLC.

A number of VR technologies are employed by PHOBOS, including an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and the recently Kickstarted Cyberith Virtualizer. Support for the forthcoming Virtuix Omni and Sixense STEM are also mentioned on the official Indiegogo campaign page.


The Indiegogo campaign launched this morning and will run until between 26th November 2014. Participation in the campaign begins with donations from $5 USD, with $45 being the first pledge tier to offer access to the PHOBOS software. The funding goal for PHOBOS is set at $25,000, and VRFocus will keep you updated as the campaign continues.

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