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Over 60 Titles Currently In Development for Gear VR

It’s been a big day for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). The company has finally announced that the device will be arriving in early December 2014 at the 2014 Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) and even revealed a new 360 degree camera named Project Beyond that can be used to stream content to the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone housed inside the kit. Wrapping up its keynote speech at the show, it even revealed just how many titles are currently in development for Gear VR.


Over 60 titles are on their way to the platform. That figure likely includes all experiences coming to Gear VR, videogames or otherwise. Still, that’s an impressive amount for a HMD that’s yet to be released, especially given that there are currently no other consumer HMDs on the market. This list of course includes the numerous titles that were revealed for Gear VR around the time of its announcement including the likes of Hero Battle, the dungeon crawling videogame from Oculus VR itself that was renamed from VR Quest at SDC. The conference also highlighted the likes of Dreadhalls and Ocean Rift.

Some of these new experiences are set to be revealed during the remainder of SDC, where Gear VR has set up shop and is showcasing a selection of videogames. The event will also play host to a huge range of VR-related sessions from industry experts, all of which will be liveblogged by VRFocus. Make sure to keep checking back over the next few days for all of the latest updates on Gear VR and other VR-related news.

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  1. Well done Samsung! Well done! Now that is how to get VR started, not like Morpheus, where Sony just drops hardware on the market without proper support.

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