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Elite: Dangerous Launches Official Companion App

Last weekend saw Frontier Developments host the Elite: Dangerous Premiere Event, a fan-driven celebration of both the Elite series and the imminent launch of the anticipated title on 16th December 2014. The show played host to the reveal of plenty of new footage about the title as well as interviews with the developers and fan community. The developer also used the event to launch an official companion app for Elite: Dangerous, which is available now via the iOS operating system (OS).


Simple titled Elite: Dangerous on the iTunes store, the app is currently compatible with both iPhone and iPad, allowing players to keep track of their progress and more. It’s possible to access Starport Services as well as track the current status of the player’s Pilot and keep up to date with all of the latest news from within the experience. Right now it can only be downloaded on the iOS OS, although Frontier Developments has assured that the app ‘will be coming to other platforms’. Specific details on just where it will show up are yet to be announced.

Elite: Dangerous is a virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation title that features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Starting off with a ship, players are given free rein to explore a universe that contains an enormous amount of star systems, each of which boasting their own unique features. Players are free to take part in dogfights as well as trading and piracy. The title is currently running is Gamma testing phase, which players can buy into ahead of the full launch next month.

Elite: Dangerous will hit PC on 16th December, with a Mac version following next year. VRFocus will continue to follow the title’s progress, reporting back with any further updates.

  1. Very odd… They release the PC version but the companion app is only on Apple, most people know that owners of PCs in general don’t use Apple Devices, we use anything but as a matter of principle! Apple mobile devices are for people that don’t ‘get’ technology. Strange thought processes indeed….

    1. Well said Sir! It is nice to know that there is still a healthy group of like minded people still out there 🙂

  2. I was thrilled when downloading the app. I was little disappointed when realizing that the app mostly serve as a commercial presentation of the game. In current state, I don’t understand the use for it. See the commodities market at the station you are on. See which ship you own… Duh?!

    Hoping for added content to be a tool for the commanders to help with trading, missions and other.

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