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First Virtual Reality Awards Take Place Tonight In Riftmax

Virtual reality (VR) technology is already no stranger to awards. Throughout 2014 Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Palmer Luckey has seen numerous accolades for his work. So far, however, there’s yet to be an entire awards show dedicated to VR content. That changes today as the first Virtual Reality Awards (VRA) take place within Riftmax Theater, the social VR platform that uses the Oculus Rift. The awards look to celebrate the past year in VR videogames and beyond.


The VRAs take place at 16:30 PST/19:30 EST and 00:30 GMT on 29th November in a custom Riftmax environment. Entrance to the event is password protected, however those wanting to watch the show will be able to do so through Riftmax Theater’s livestream channel. The event will see seven awards given out, including the Most Immersive, Best Non-Game Application, Best VR Simulations and Best VR Game as well as two Best VR Experience awards, one of which has been chosen by a panel of judges while the other has been voted for by the public.

VR fans will recognise many of the entrants across the categories, including the likes of Senza Peso from Kite & Lightning, Titans of Space, The Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation and Frontier Development’s Elite: Dangerous. Of course some of these titles haven’t actually been released yet, but have given fans enough hands-on time for them to be considered. Riftmax Theater itself is up for an award in the Non-Game category. VRFocus will be bringing you the full list of winners from the VRAs, so make sure to check back later.

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