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First VRMT Footage Arrives, New Details Revealed

Late last month VRFocus reported on the reveal of a new virtual reality (VR) content creation experience codenamed VRMT from indie developer Defective Studios. At the time the developer didn’t reveal too much about the project, although did state that it would fit somewhere between the likes of Minecraft and Maya, with players using props and tools to create their own environments. This week the first footage of the title has been released, revealing plenty of new details.

The footage, as seen below, reveals VRMT to be a first-person experience that uses the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and motion controls with the Razer Hydra for a unique level editing system. Players are equipped with a bracelet on their left arm that opens up to reveal a panel of various objects that they can select from by pointing at them. Once they have selected an object they can again point at where to place it in the environment and even increase its size and rotate it.

Elsewhere the player can be seen creating a trail of pebbles and navigating quickly through the world. Turning the bracelet upside down reveals a menu in which players can easily change themes and load previous builds. The video ends with footage of VRMT being used to develop for Defective Studios’ other VR compatible title, CosmoKnots. The developer is even planning to release this integration for others to edit levels within the title.

Defective Studios is planning to release an early version of VRMT in the near future, though is currently addressing a few bugs and waiting on an update to the Oculus Rift software development kit (SDK) to launch. VRFocus will continue to follow VRMT, reporting back on all the latest updates on it.

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