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Kite & Lightning Talk Epic Games, Future Projects & Aiming for Project Morpheus

Senza Peso skyrocketed the expectations of the virtual reality (VR) community when Los Angeles based Kite & Lightning offered the experience for free download earlier this year. The studio has positioned itself at the forefront of VR development, and their success is only set to grow thanks to their enviable relationship with Epic Games. Studio co-founder Ikrima Elhassan recently sat down with VRFocus to discuss this and other matters concerning the future of Kite & Lightning.

Three VR experiences in and Kite & Lightning held the responsibility of developing a unique VR title based upon NBC’s The Voice. This is no small achievement, given that the VR experience was a key feature of a US tour for the latest instalment of the hugely popular television series. However, Kite & Lightning aren’t about to stop there. In the below interview with VRFocus, Elhassan discusses the potential targets for future Kite & Lightning projects as well as their lofty goals surrounding other VR devices.

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