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Kite & Lightning: ‘We’ve definitely considered Project Morpheus’

Of the small collection of virtual reality (VR) experiences released by Kite & Lightning thus far, none have stretched beyond the head-mounted displays (HMDs) offered by Oculus VR themselves. That could potentially change in the future however, as studio co-founder Ikrima Elhassan has stated to VRFocus that Kite & Lightning remain ‘device agnostic’.

“We’ve definitely considered things like Project Morpheus,” stated Elhassan. “And there’s a couple of Android HMDs like GameFace Labs’, and for us its mainly been a resource decision. We’d rather put in a lot of our resources to one thing to make it amazing as there’s only three of us.”


Kite & Lightning’s arrangement of unique VR experiences has earned the studio a remarkable level of respect in the VR community and moving forward the team hopes to expand upon this success, not only growing in number along with their audience but also expanding to additional formats.

“We haven’t looked too far into other HMDs, but as VR grows and as we grow as a studio we’re definitely device agnostic,” offered Elhassan. “We want to be on every high quality HMD that’s out there.”

The most recent VR experience revealed by Kite & Lightning’ was based on NBC’s The Voice, though there is no information yet available on their next project. VRFocus will deliver the full interview with Elhassan later this week.

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